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Marjorie, a newly single mom, is embarking on an exciting adventure with her 7 and 4 year old daughters in tow. The three of them have been living with friends while saving and planning their future together.  During this time, a dream named INDY was born.

Life's twists and turns brought Marjorie to South Carolina’s Upstate where a close friend resided. In considering her long-term housing options, Marjorie found tiny house living would provide structure and security for her family, freeing her from a financial burden that typically comes with renting or traditional home ownership. She also believes the simplicity of the tiny house lifestyle will enable her to be more present in her girls' lives—teaching the importance of creating memories, sharing experiences, and developing relationships over owning material possessions.

Marjorie purchased a tiny house plan and modified it to accomodate the needs of her small family. She named her tiny house INDY. The same family which drew her to the Upstate and embraced her as their own offered to donate the work space, man power, and construction expertise to help make INDY a reality. With the help of these dear friends, Marjorie began building the tiny house, little by little, as funds allowed the purchase of building materials. Though she has no prior construction experience, she describes the experience as “exhilarating”—to be working with her hands, learning new abilities, and watching her dream come to life.

Even with the volunteer construction help and donated temporary living arrangements, this build is financially challenging for Marjorie. Friends have watched her plan, save, scour the internet for used materials, tear apart a camper to salvage the trailer, learn how to rough in wiring and plumbing.... Her character shines, as she leads her daughters by example—showing them that anything is possible with faith, hard work and determination. Marjorie has remained positive and even joyful in the face of delays due to the trickle of funds, which slows her ability to purchase building materials and move forward.

The founders of Serenity Pointe have personally known Marjorie for over a decade and when her need was brought to our attention by some of her close friends, we immediately stepped in to launch a fundraiser called The INDY Project. Our goal is to raise $20,000—the amount needed to purchase all remaining building supplies to complete Marjorie’s tiny house. With building materials on hand, Marjorie will be able to get INDY dried in so weather delays will no longer be an issue, and she can continue to move forward on construction until completion. We would love to see this family in their tiny house by Christmas.

Serenity Pointe has made online donating simple and secure. All donations to The INDY Project are tax deductible and will be earmarked specifically for Marjorie’s build. She will receive 100% of your donations for her project. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

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Marjorie and her girls are looking for a hand up, not a hand out.

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